September 16, 2019

NEPCON Vietnam 2019

   The three-day Vietnam NEPCON Electronic Components Exhibition successfully ended on September 13. Huixin provides a precise platform for global exhibitors and buyers, which brings huge business opportunities to many businessmen at home and abroad.


   NEPCON Vietnam was hosted by Reed Exhibitions, a world-famous exhibition company, and was strongly supported by relevant organizations to create the most influential and representative exhibition in Vietnam's electronics industry.Since Vietnam joined the WTO in 2007, its electronics industry has developed rapidly.


  So Huixin participate in this Exhibition with expectations every year. In order to follow the development trend, reforms, innovates, and strives for excellence.



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   At the exhibition site, many products such as rectifier diodes, switching diodes, schottky diodes, zener diodes, rectifier bridges, TVS diodes and SOD-123FL packaged diodes were displayed. Customers come to Huixin's booth to discuss the charm and business opportunities brought by Huixin's products.


   The world is changing faster, Huixin is getting stronger. Let’s look forward to the future and welcome a better tomorrow.


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