November 18, 2019

LED Expo New Delhi 2019

   On November 16, the three-day LED Expo New Delhi was successfully held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, India. 


   Huixin Electronics participated in this exhibition to meet the needs of customers, received strong praises as expected. Visitors showed great interests in Huixin products.


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   The LED Expo in India has become a source of inspiration for innovative products, technologies and trends in the world's LED industry. Lighting solutions and LED technology applications at this exhibition is also one of its highlights, it is a grand event for the exchange of participants in the electronics industry .


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    After technical solutions from Huixin, many customers were very satisfied and reached the purchase intentions on the spot. Huixin also brought many different highlights,showed professionalism, richness, diversity and innovation to the exhibition. 


   Understanding the needs to serve customers, research and development innovation and high-quality products to welcome the future. Huixin participated in exhibitions in various countries throughout the year, appearing on the international exhibitions has created more opportunities for the company to expand overseas markets.


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