April 18, 2019

Expo Electronica 2019

   April 15-17, Expo Electronica 2019 was successfully held at the Crocus-Expo IEC Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia


   As a well-known diode company, Huixin shocked many vistors and reached a new level.


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1. Supply exceeds demand


* Strong demand and unlimited prospects

   With the development of science and technology, the demand for consumer electronics products is also getting stronger and stronger, resulting in a shortage of some electronic components. However, at this exhibition, Huixin showed the world its amazing strength, priority technology, diversified products, a variety of popular application solutions and service solutions, which attracted many exhibitors to stop and check, as well as many related companies and experts come to consult, exchange and discuss cooperation.


2.Seize the opportunity


* Endless stream of visitors

   With the development of new industries, people are becoming more and more strict in terms of performance, size, and appearance of electronic products. Electronic products are gradually moving towards smaller and smaller circuits, higher and higher circuit density, and faster and faster transmission speeds. Diode as an important component of electronic products, new electronic components are developing in the direction of chip, miniaturization, high frequency, broadband, high precision, integration and environmental protection.



   The rectifier bridges developed and produced by Huixin have been praised by customers for their small size, simple installation, save circuit board space, high anti-surge current capability, and product stability under high load.


latest company news about Expo Electronica 2019  1


   Based on the present and looking forward to the future, Huixin will seize the opportunity, invest more manpower, material resources and financial resources, accelerate the development of a new generation of new-type components with independent intellectual property rights, raise Huixin's production technology to a new level, and help people enjoy intelligence life.



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