June 3, 2019

COMPUTEX Taipei 2019

  The five-day COMPUTEX 2019,39th Taipei International Computer Show has successfully ended on June 1.


   Huixin provided a precise platform for global exhibitors and buyers, brought huge business opportunities to many clients at home and abroad.

   As a professional leading manufacturer of diodes, Huixin's booth attracted many visitors to consult.


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   With the development of science and technology, the demand for consumer electronics products is also getting stronger and stronger, resulting in a shortage of some electronic components. However, at this exhibition, Huixin showed the world its amazing strength, priority technology, diversified products, a variety of popular application solutions and service solutions, which attracted many exhibitors to study, as well as many related companies and experts come to consult, exchange and discuss cooperation.


   The rectifier bridges developed and produced by Huixin have been praised by customers for their small size, simple installation,save circuit board space, high anti-surge current capability, and product stability under high load.


   After the exhibition, Huixin gathered together to celebrate the success with customers. The successful exhibition this time is undoubtedly due to the efforts made by Huixin in the past, and of course, it also has a close relationship with our customers. The two will promote and develop together in order to achieve greater success in future.


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