November 19, 2018

Munich Electronica 2018


   Munich Electronica was founded in 1964. After more than 50 years development, it has become the top event in the global electronics industry. At that time, elites from the electronics industry around the world will gather in Munich to show their strongest technologies and the latest products. Huixin also participated and showed the lastest diode and bridge rectifier in this exhibition as scheduled.


【Exhibition Time】 Nov.13th-16th,2018

【Huixin Booth】 Hall A6,536

【Location】 Messegelande,D-81823 München ,Germany



   Huixin Electronics’ products have extended to many applications fileds, including power supply products, household appliances, automotive electronics, medical electronics, Aerospace, green lighting, communication products, smart meters, etc.


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Production Application Introduction


1. Household Appliances: KBP/ GBU/ GBJ series bridge and TVS diodes;

2. Medical Electronics: SOD-123/SOD-323/ SOD-523 Packaging zener diode, BAV70/BAV99 transistor;

3. Automotive Electronics: Low VF series schottky diode, switching diode, transistor;

4. Power Supply Products: ABS/MBF/D3K series bridge rectifier, MBR series schottky diode;



   Germany, as the world's largest exhibition country, has the world's most advanced exhibition halls, with excellent objective conditions. About 70% of the world's famous exhibitions are held here, merchants gather and transportation is convenient; Germans have a unique love for international exhibitions. Also the European merchants in the country and neighboring countries have strong purchasing power...


  So Huixin Electronics will always participate in Munich Electronica, we are here, look forward to meeting you.


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