May 3, 2017

Expo Electronica Russia 2017

      April 25-27, 2017, the 20th International Electronic Components and Equipment Exhibition (Expo Electronica 2017) was successfully held at the Crocus-Expo IEC Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia.


     The exhibition is the most authoritative and largest professional exhibition of electronic components in Russia and the Eastern European region. Relying on the outstanding performance of technology leadership, industrial innovation, it attracted many first-class companies from the world. Huixin was one of companies in this exhibition, the booth is in Hall 4, B357.


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    Among them, the rectifier bridge developed and produced by Huixin has been favored by the exhibition customers due to its small size, simple installation, save space, high anti-surge current capability.


     As expected, the new SMAF packaged schottky diodes from Huixin became popular items. It adopts low thermal resistance, high junction temperature, and high anti-surge design. The leads are flat against the bottom of the device, and the heat dissipation path is short. Small volume and high power technology breakthrough.


    For Huixin, this is a brand new journey. In the vast land of Russia, Huixin showed many diodes of Huixin brand to the world, and promoted the energy saving and environmental production concept to customers.


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    Take this precious opportunity to exchange ideas with many first-class brands, discuss the development trend of the electronics industry, learn from advanced technologies of outstanding brands, and fully understand the latest needs and cutting-edge information of the diode industry.


     At the same time, Huixin also held some important business negotiations with the second research institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation as an exhibitor. Huixin will seize the opportunity of the development of the times to develop better and high-end diodes to customers in the new year.


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