April 20, 2018


     The 21st International exhibition of electronic components was held at the CROCUS EXPO IEC in Moscow, Russia from April 17th to 19th, 2018.


     It is the largest international exhibition of electronic components both in terms of the number and importance of its exhibitors in Russia and Eastern Europe. Over 400 companies from 20 countries took part in this exhibition. More than 10 000 specialists from different regions of Russia and foreign countries visited the exhibition as expected. 


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     As the professional diode manufacturer, Huixin participated in this International Exhibition, the booth No. D109.


Production Application Introduction


1. Household Appliances: KBP/ GBU/ GBJ series bridge and TVS diodes;

2. Medical Electronics: SOD-123/SOD-323/ SOD-523 Packaging zener diode, BAV70/BAV99 transistor;

3. Automotive Electronics: Low VF series schottky diode, switching diode, transistor;

4. Power Supply Products: ABS/MBF/D3K series bridge rectifier, MBR series schottky diode;


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    The exhibit products including rectifier diodes series , fast recovery diodes , schottky barrier rectifiers, transient voltage suppressors , high voltage diode series, switching diodes, zener diode series, rectifier bridges,which have been widely used in various fields such as automotive electronics, medical electronics, aerospace, environmental lighting, communication products, power supply products, home appliances, smart meters and so on.


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