December 24, 2018


   On December 20-22, with the theme of "Internet of Things China, Smart Planet", Shenzhen ELEXCON 2018 was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leader in the diode industry, Huixin was invited to participate in this exhibition, and has a strong presence in the industry.


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1. The charm of blooming innovation


  As a capital of innovation, Shenzhen has attracted many companies to participate and countless professionals to visit the exhibition. In this exhibition, Huixin showed many products such as rectifier diodes, schottky diodes, zener diodes, rectifier bridges, fast recovery diodes, etc., fully showed the charm of continuous innovation.



  At the site of Huixin's booth, there was a constant flow of people, government agencies, industry technicians and visitors......

Huixin technicians communicated face-to-face with the buyers and won the trust of customers with sincerity and professionalism, got considerable orders and business opportunities,increased the influence of the Huixin brand in the electronics industry and expanded the market for the company.


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2. Seize new trends


  At present, the global electronics industry is upgrading, waves of intelligence, automotive electronics, and networking are coming. The trend of industrial transformation and integration and innovation is unprecedented. The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has also entered a critical period of mass development .


  Huixin keeps pace with the development of the times, conforms to the trend of 3C products light, thin, miniaturized,multifunctional integration,and has developed many new products. Nowadays, it has been widely used in various electronic products, from computers and communication equipment. Consumer electronics and even automotive and industrial applications have long been invisible to the lives of consumers.


  In the future, Huixin will continue to forge ahead in the diode industry, develop more products to change people's lives, and let people fully immerse in the happiness of "technology changes life"!


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