March 25, 2019

Electronica China 2019

    March 20-22, 2019 Electronica China was successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Huixin participated in this exhibition, and displayed very innovative and diversified new products ,new concepts, stand out from many exhibitors as expected.


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1.Help intelligent manufacturing


  In 2018, the application and progress of domestic automation, digitalization, and intelligent technology in various fields exceeded people's imagination. In addition to the rapid development of intelligent technology, the electronic manufacturing field, which is the support of the intelligent manufacturing industry, is also constantly breaking through the development bottleneck and based on long-term development.


  Huixin follows this development trend, reforms, innovates, and strives for excellence. In order to help intelligent manufacturing, Huixin has produced new diodes which can fully meet the individual needs of consumers. It was successfully launched at the Electronica Shanghai 2019.


2. Endless stream of visitors


  At the exhibition, many products such as rectifier diodes, switching diodes, schottky diodes, zener diodes, rectifier bridges, TVS diodes and SOD-123FL packaged diodes were displayed.


  It shows the Huixin brand's pursuit of innovative technology, high-quality products, and demonstrates the superior strength of the Huixin brand for more than a decade.


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  During the three-day exhibition, many customers visited Huixin's booth to discuss the charm and business opportunities brought by Huixin's products.


  Huixin has successfully established its industry fame through continuous innovation in electronic products, and its market share has been increasing year by year, which has been unanimously recognized by consumers and the industry.


  More than ten years of innovative research and development, we put" meeting customers' needs” first all along, striving to provide the best and safety supply channel for customers, always moving forward to hope.


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