September 2, 2016

Accumulating power for a decade, Huixin diodes being praised.

       Under the speeding path of economic globalization, Huixin, with a long term preparation, has set up a good reputation in the abroad diode industry and it is becoming more and more influential. Recently, the Indian clients flied for thousands of miles to pay a visit as well as inspect Huixin’s headquarter. Wang Huandong, Huixin’s CEO, kindly received them.


  After they gained a comprehensive understanding of the company scale, inventing and manufacturing capacity and elaborate introduction of products.The clients expressed highly appreciations on the quality of diodes, and Huixin’s attitude “customers come first”.


  For these years, Huixin has always sticked to its goals which contains sincere attitude, reliable product and reasonable price. In order to become one of the top leaders in global diode industry, Huixin has to seize tightly its R&D, producing, selling and serving.


  During this inspection, the clients inquired about the diode market in China and also gave out some instructive opinions. They wished Huixin to know specifically every customer’s demand based on its original developing model so that there would be no need to fear any changes of the market. According them, a long term cooperation aiming at achieving win-win situation with Huixin would be conducted as long as they returned to India.


   After the “close interaction”, a better understanding of Huixin, an increase of reliability of diodes and a boost of confidence on extending the market in the future, have been shown by the Indian clients. Meanwhile, the communication with customers enables Huixin to know the demand and feature of the local market, which serves the company to the integration of globalization.



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