December 10, 2018


   India International LED EXPO is held twice a year, in Mumbai in May and New Delhi in December. The exhibition covers all product categories related to LED lighting and display technology, however, strictly divided according to product categories.


   It is the most professional and authoritative LED lighting exhibition in India. Today's environmental protection has become a global concern. Compared with traditional lighting LEDs, they are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Governments have begun to advocate the use of LED lighting. LED has become one of the perfect solutions for public, commercial and private lighting, and LED lighting will replace the traditional light source.


  As an essential electronic component in lighting products, diodes have a wide range of applications in the lighting industry. Models commonly used in lighting products includes MBF/ KBP/ GBU series bridge rectifiers; RS1M-RS3M series fast recovery diode; and ES1J-ES5J ultra fast recovery diode. Using Huixin diode, not only safe and secure, but also contributing to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection!


  Huixin as a professional manufacturer in semiconductor participated in this great show as scheduled.


Exhibition Time December 6th to 8th , 2018

HUIXIN Booth D17

Location India Expo Centre,Greater Noida,India


  Huixin wants to witness the wonderful moments and development with you, let’s go together.


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